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"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

Dorthea Lange

Featured Gallery:
Pane and the Ice
What happens when moisture seeps between layers of a window and alternatively freezes and melts?
All photos were made in the same camera position.

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Pane and the Ice

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Thom Peterson Photo

Photography is an art form that reveals a visual symphony: from the most imposing mountain to the seemingly trivial path of light through a dewdrop, from the first smile of a newborn to the reflective countenance of one seasoned by life, from the transience of a spring flower to the timeless starlight of the nighttime skies.

"One thing about backyard photography in Montana... in a single session your subjects could range from dewdrops on a wildflower to the business end of an Alpha predator."

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The motive...

The art pf photography means different things to different people. In this instance, it means exploring the visages offered by the topography, wildlife and seasonal extremes of Big Sky Country, as well as other scenic locations.

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